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Finish Essentials - Powerball (X2) Rinse Aid & Salt

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– Do not unwrap the tablet
– Place one tablet in the dry dispenser
– Choose wash cycles and start the dishwasher
– Reseal the bag after use. Store away from heat and moisture

Rinse Aid
– Simply fill your rinse aid dispenser as directed by the machines manufacturer and make sure to keep it topped up
– Pour Finish Rinse Aid directly into the rinse aid chamber of your dishwasher until the chamber is full
– Always use Finish Rinse Aid for the best possible dishwashing results, even when using all-in-one tablets
– Refill when the dishwasher rinse aid indicator blinks

– Remove cap from salt chamber of the dishwasher
– Pour Finish dishwasher salt until the chamber is full
– Choose wash cycles and start dishwasher

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Finish All in One Max Powerball gives you the brilliant clean and shine you expect, plus added protection against glass corrosion, so your glasses keep their sparkling shine for longer and are protected wash after wash.


– All in 1 dishwasher tablet with the function of detergent, salt and rinse aid
– The super-charged formula for tougher action on stains
– Ensures powerful cleaning and pre-soaking action
– Dissolves quickly and softens food stains
– Machine limescale protection
– Prevents glass clouding

Finish Rinse Aid, Shine & Dry is for use in dishwashers. It contains a quick dry formula to provide a clean and shiny finish to your dishes. Finish Rinse Aid, Shine & Dry pours easily and dissolves quickly in the wash to get to work straight away.


– Effectively fights against water marks and residues
– Improved Quick-dry formula speeds up drying of dishes
– Works in the rinse-cycle to thoroughly clear away detergent and food residues
– Gets evaporated easily and prevents visible spots

Finish Dishwasher Salt helps in making hard water soft in your dishwasher – no more white spots on your dishes. It helps avoid scale deposits on the dishes and in the dishwasher.


– Helps remove water hardness that has a negative effect on the dishwasher performance results
– Makes water soft
– Improves shine of the dishes and prevents corrosion
– Finish Dishwasher Salt is guaranteed free from residues


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